Featured projects

ArcelorMittal | Redesigning a set of industrial interfaces

Incorporating operator utilization and corporate values to design a series of robust interfaces.

Quechua | Oxylane

Reviewing a hiking app that meets hikers’ needs

Orange | Messagerie Pro

Simplifying professional communication by providing clients with adapted tools

Schneider Electric | Wonderware InTouch

Improving industrial productivity through interface design

iZettle | Customer journeys

Studying new electronic payment systems

Schneider Electric | TouchPro

Transforming a classic control system into a smart tactile interface

Banque de Luxembourg | Corporate website

Reflecting the quality of a bank’s client relations on its website


A success story


Wonderware InTouch

Attoma designed this informative video to sum up, in one minute, the strategic role that design thinking plays in improving safety and productivity for industries. Attoma redesigned the interface featured in this video, earning awards and recognition from the industrial sector (with its successful UX seminars), and the design community (winning the IIID award, the UX Design Award, and the 2016 Étoile de l'Observeur du design).

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13 09 2016

Businesses: manage your in-house projects like startups

Attoma and Numa, a startup accelerator, have created an innovation program specifically designed to allow large companies to accelerate their in-house projects.

13 09 2016

Messagerie Pro: agile design receives two awards

This project demonstrates that "agile methodology"can be effective over an extended period of time within a large team setting.

13 09 2016

InnoTrans 2016: attoma places the user at the heart of urban mobility

Giuseppe Attoma, CEO of the attoma Group, and Kai Alexander Gehrmann, director of attoma Berlin, will speak be speaking at the world’s largest rail transport convention on September 21.