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Quechua | Oxylane

Reviewing a hiking app that meets hikers’ needs

Orange | Messagerie Pro

Simplifying professional communication by providing clients with adapted tools

Schneider Electric | Wonderware InTouch

Improving industrial productivity through interface design

Schneider Electric | TouchPro

Transforming a classic control system into a smart tactile interface

SNCF | A customer experience guide

Improving customer satisfaction with Transilien – the Ile-de-France commuter rail network

SNCF | Successful Connections

Streamlining the transfer process between two trains


A success story


Wonderware InTouch

Attoma designed this informative video to sum up, in one minute, the strategic role that design thinking plays in improving safety and productivity for industries. Attoma redesigned the interface featured in this video, earning awards and recognition from the industrial sector (with its successful UX seminars), and the design community (winning the IIID award, the UX Design Award, and the 2016 Étoile de l'Observeur du design).

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10 04 2017

Drone Radio Beacon wins #NextEnergy first edition

Innovative startup Drone Radio Beacon, a Politecnico di Milano spin-off with the mentorship of Stefano Cribellati, won the first prize at the first #NextEnergy edition.

06 03 2017

Attoma acquires an emblem of European design with Otl Aicher pictograms

The Berlin office of the agency now holds the exclusive worldwide distribution and development rights to the symbols created by the German designer.

10 10 2016

White Label 2016: Attoma attended the first edition

Alberto Gangemi, Research Director at Attoma Milan, took part in the first edition of the event on UX and service design "White Label - A UX event for professionals".