Contracting authority whose principal mission is to design and develop the overall plan and the infrastructure for the “Grand Paris” transportation project.

Retail banking for individuals, businesses and associations with the largest network of agencies in France.

Subsidiary of the CDC – France’s public investment bank – dedicated to digital development of regions through investments in infrastructure, services and usages as well as internet services for local administrations.

Key player in urban mobility with a unique global parking management solution and ticketing solutions for public transport.

French Yellow pages and one of Europe’s leading advertisers of local information on the Internet, mobile and print.

Europe’s largest, and worldwide second, out-of-home advertiser.

World’s largest producer of electricity.

Major corporation present in the sectors of water, waste management and energy.

Global IT consulting organization offering a wide range of solutions.

The largest Belgian public urban transportation organization.

Major French private transportation operator.

Former spin-off of Siemens, Panoratio designs innovative analysis tools for big data.

Italian leader of electricity production and distribution.

Region formed by eight departments, second region of France by population and by size.

A world leader in the oil and natural gas industry.

The largest regional bank of the BPCE Group.

International provider of products and services primarily for the public transportation sector.

Consortium of companies that service local communities and industrials in projects related to water.

Major international public transport group based in France and operating in several countries.