09 11 2018

Training in UX Design for Industry 4.0 by attoma

The evolution of work as well as technological advancements such as IIoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are transforming the design of industrial HMIs. 

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30 10 2018

Attoma at SPS IPC Drives: leveraging user experience to drive Industry 4.0

Join us from November 27-29 at the largest European automation trade fair to see how we support digital transformation through industrial design.

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09 04 2018

Attoma is committed to the research for innovation in European mobility solutions

As such, attoma is a participant in two key European mobility innovation projects which will be presented during the Transport Research Arena (TRA) conference in Vienna from April 16-19. 

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06 03 2018

Traffic information screens: good news for Greater Paris Area passengers

How could SNCF Transilien and attoma improve quality service in public transport? By offering a real-time multimodal information system, adapted to the realities of users.

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06 02 2018

Attoma designs the livery of Bergamo’s first electric buses

Our agency has strengthened its involvement in the development of mobility solutions for the future via energy transition in public transport.

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01 02 2018

Châtelet-Les Halles has a new generation orientation plan signed by attoma

This innovative orientation plan allows users to orientate themselves with greater ease in what is one of Europe’s largest multimodal hubs.

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04 07 2017

Giuseppe Attoma Pepe appointed to the APCI Executive Board

The founder and CEO of attoma has just been appointed to the Board of Directors of the French organization which promotes design towards the business community as a whole and the general public.

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29 06 2017

2017 UITP Summit: attoma puts user journey at the heart of the debate

The agency has actively promoted the recognition of passenger journey design as a fully-fledged design discipline at the International Association of Public Transport (UITP) Summit.

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10 04 2017

Drone Radio Beacon wins #NextEnergy first edition

Innovative startup Drone Radio Beacon, a Politecnico di Milano spin-off with the mentorship of Stefano Cribellati, won the first prize at the first #NextEnergy edition.

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30 03 2017

International Railway Summit: attoma is a player in the field of mobility 4.0

Peter Livaudais, Associate Director of the agency demonstrated attoma’s expertise in the field of rail transport at the 4th summit held in Paris.

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06 03 2017

Attoma acquires an emblem of European design with Otl Aicher pictograms

The Berlin office now holds the exclusive worldwide distribution and development rights to the symbols created by the German designer.

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10 10 2016

White Label 2016: Attoma attended the first edition

Alberto Gangemi, Research Director at Attoma Milan, took part in the first edition of the event on UX and service design "White Label - A UX event for professionals".

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13 09 2016

Businesses: manage your in-house projects like startups

Attoma and Numa, a startup accelerator, have created an innovation program specifically designed to allow large companies to accelerate their in-house projects.

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13 09 2016

Messagerie Pro: agile design receives two awards

This project demonstrates that "agile methodology"can be effective over an extended period of time within a large team setting.

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13 09 2016

InnoTrans 2016: attoma places the user at the heart of urban mobility

Giuseppe Attoma, CEO of the attoma Group, and Kai Alexander Gehrmann, director of attoma Berlin, will speak be speaking at the world’s largest rail transport convention on September 21.

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18 04 2016

VIDEO. Discover Schneider Electric’s smart control system as designed by attoma

This new home automation system intuitively controls the essential functions of the user’s home.

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04 04 2016

EVARplanning won the first edition of BioUpper

EVARplanning won the first edition of BioUpper, Stefano Cribellati (attoma Milan) as tutor.

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01 03 2016

IT-Trans: Giuseppe Attoma challenges the concept of the techno-enthusiast in the mobility sector

Giuseppe Attoma will be featured as of the speakers at the IT-Trans conference being held March 1-3 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

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18 02 2016

Giuseppe Attoma, featured speaker at IRS 2016

Attoma’s founder will be a featured speaker at the railway summit to be held in Vienna this February.

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17 12 2015

Attoma, the Louvre, and Suricog’s connected glasses

Imagine looking at a work of art and having the ambient sound change as it follows your gaze!

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14 12 2015

Attoma received the "Etoile du Design 2016"

Attoma receives top prize from the APCI (Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle)

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19 11 2015

The attoma group meets in Paris!

Last week, our Paris office welcomed colleagues from Milan and Berlin for the attoma Group’s annual in-house workshop.

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17 07 2014

Attoma’s methodology presented at the EuroIA 2014

Attoma and its client Orange will present the new design of the Orange message service for professionals in September at Brussels, during the EuroIA 2014. It’s Europe’s premiere information architecture / user experience conference.

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10 07 2014

Observeur du design 2015

The mobile application “Orange Business lounge” won the “Observeur du design” 2015’s label. This French award, organized by APCI (the Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation), rewards the best achievements in the field of design.

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03 07 2014

Attoma Group: an international approach for more added value

Relying on long-term partners, in 2014 Attoma created a European group comprised of experts in Services Design and User Experience. With offices in Paris, Milan and Berlin, the Attoma Group’s 30-person international team provides clients with proven expertise in strategy, research, consulting, design, creation, development and innovation.

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27 02 2014

Attoma intervenes during the IT-Trans trade show in Karlsruhe from February 18 -20

Attoma is participating in the IT-Trans trade show that stages IT solutions for public transportation. It will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany from February 18-20.

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27 02 2014

ID-Codex: making it easier to manage traveller information

An expert in the field of Traveller Information, Attoma designed and developed a collaborative platform for transportation operators. The platform enables the teams that create and produce the traveller information principles and graphic guidelines to organise and share them amongst themselves.

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25 07 2013

Onlymoov’: the platform which centralizes all the mobility data of Greater Lyon

In 2013, the Optimod’Lyon project optimises the mobility of people and goods in the region of Lyon.

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