06 02 2018

Attoma designs the livery of Bergamo’s first electric buses

Our agency has strengthened its involvement in the development of mobility solutions for the future via energy transition in public transport.

Next stop: zero emissions. Twelve clean buses took to the Bergamo streets on Monday 5th February on Line C, Italy’s first fully-electric public transport line. In recognition of our expertise in mobility and service design, attoma was selected to design the fleet’s livery by ATB, the local public transport firm.

A new passenger experience for a new generation of buses. Each bus is twelve metres long and has a passenger capacity of 77. attoma’s design for the fleet is highly visible and distinctive from that of the existing diesel vehicles, free from mundane ecological clichés, but consistent with the line’s branding (yellow, grey and black hues, rounded lettering with discrete modern graphics).

Through this iconic design, the electric buses have become new, fully integrated elements in the urban landscape. This is now a favourite area of expertise for attoma; we are already drawing up the design charter for the action-research project “The European bus system of the future” (EBSF_2), the objective of which is to promote the use and image of this means of transport in urban and semi-urban environments.