17 12 2015

Attoma, the Louvre, and Suricog’s connected glasses

Imagine looking at a work of art and having the ambient sound change as it follows your gaze!

This is exactly what happened at the “Brief History of the Future” exhibition, where an experiment featuring a new cultural mediation tool controlled by sight was staged. The idea was the result of a collaboration between the Louvre museum and the start-up SuriCog, a developer of connected glasses featuring eye-tracking technology.

A painting entitled “Les Zones Terrestres” measuring 17 meters long and 2.5 meters high was selected for the experiment, which took place on December 11th at the Louvre. This experience allowed visitors to travel across five regions of the world -- the Arctic, Canada, Algeria, Bengal, and Switzerland -- each accompanied by its own unique soundscape. By focusing their gaze on certain details of the painting, visitors would trigger sounds to accompany each image. The cries of animals, the echoes of nature: an entire symphony of ambient sound!

Attoma evaluated the device by conducting usability testing on 20 museum visitors. This study will allow SuriCog to improve the equipment and interactive features of the device, and enable the Louvre to deepen its knowledge of new experience designs.