13 09 2016

Businesses: manage your in-house projects like startups

Attoma and Numa, a startup accelerator, have created an innovation program specifically designed to allow large companies to accelerate their in-house projects.

The Intrapreneurs program allows larger businesses/companies to adopt methods that have been successful for startups and apply them to their own projects. For two days a week over a period of four months, a small team of employees from large companies assigned to specific projects will come to work in Numa’s offices alongside startup creators. The goal is simple: for these “intrapreneurs” to step outside of their comfort zones, free themselves from their usual work spaces and become quick and efficient in the execution of their ideas thanks to the tools and expertise at their disposal provided by attoma as well as Numa’s co-working space.

“One of our teams of designers will mentor the selected projects throughout the entire program,” explains Alessandro Catania, User Research Director at attoma. “We will assist them in transforming their concepts into prototypes to be tested in the field. Along with Numa, we have chosen to be there from the very beginning in order to increase these projects’ chances to continue developing in-house, all the way to their launch.” The Paris-based program will run from October 2016 to January 2017. More information is available on its dedicated website: http://intrapreneurship.numa.co/english/.