01 02 2018

Châtelet-Les Halles has a new generation orientation plan signed by attoma

This innovative orientation plan allows users to orientate themselves with greater ease in what is one of Europe’s largest multimodal hubs.

Welcome to the transport hub of superlatives, with 3 RER lines, 5 metro lines, 19 exits, 1,500 trains and some 750,000 passengers on a daily basis! A gigantic underground space in which it has proven difficult in the past for passengers to find their way. The RATP asked the architects Patrick Berger and Jacques Anziutti along with attoma, to do a thorough review of the passenger signage and information system. The objective: facilitate a smoother flow of people and provide a more pleasant passenger experience, allowing users to better anticipate and confirm their route. 

As part of the overall transformation of Châtelet-Les Halles, the implementation of the new orientation plan was to provide the clearest and simplest cartographic representation of what is a very dense and complex multimodal site. The result is a simplified plan which contains the information required to evaluate the length and difficulty of the routes to be taken: the metro and RER stations, the exits and their means of access (stairs, escalators and lifts), the sales offices and the information desks, and above all, the delimitation of the hub’s 3 distinct sectors (Forum, Rivoli and Seine). This is the big innovation introduced by attoma and the RATP which will clarify the hub’s topography as well as facilitate passenger connections. The exits and their means of transport are therefore organised on this geographical basis.

This new orientation plan also positions the underground hub within the city, linking what is below with what is above, using emblematic sites aboveground such as La Samaritaine and the Pompidou Centre, represented in 3D, allowing passengers to have a better understanding of where they are and also to be able to find their bearings easily. With this bespoke multimodal information system at their disposal, the interconnection hub is henceforth transformed into a dedicated, comprehensible and coherent space