10 04 2017

Drone Radio Beacon wins #NextEnergy first edition

Innovative startup Drone Radio Beacon, a Politecnico di Milano spin-off with the mentorship of Stefano Cribellati, won the first prize at the first #NextEnergy edition.

The Drone Radio Beacon platform, composed of a ground station (pad) and an integrated device to be placed on drones, has won the first edition of #NextEnergy and the first award of 50,000 euros.

During the acceleration program which lasted 7 months, the team composed by Diego Piazza, Giuseppe Mena and Luca Reggiani was supported by the mentorship of Stefano Cribellati (Attoma Group) and Marco Chiesa (Energy & Strategy).

The solution impressed the judges for its market potential and appealing possible developments with Terna. This last one is interested in an inspection of high-voltage pylons with remote controlled drones, accurate to the centimetre even without a pilot.

Winning team