04 04 2016

EVARplanning won the first edition of BioUpper

EVARplanning won the first edition of BioUpper, Stefano Cribellati (attoma Milan) as tutor.

EVARplanning, a web platform for vascular surgeons to plan aortic endovascular implant, won the BioUpper award for new entrepreneurial ideas in the field of life science. The prize was a 50,000 Euro voucher.

Paolo Spada -Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon and EVARplanning founder - said: “My joy and thankfulness shared with my dream team: Alessandra Orlandi, Chief Innovation Officer @ Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Luigi Greco, financial analyst @ PwC, my project tutor Stefano Cribellati and mentor Lorena Capoccia.”  

“EVARplanning, originates from a surgery need, the necessity to make available a planning tool that did not exist before. Nowdays there is no room for improvisation: the successful otucome of surgery the most of the times relies on preparation activities. Plannining and customization, less invasive, more precise, effective and safe, is the the winning approach to offer the best surgical solutions to patients.”

Premio BioUpper - EVARplanning

BioUpper is a project funded by Novartis and Fondazione Cariplo in collaboration with PoliHub and Humanitas.