27 02 2014

ID-Codex: making it easier to manage traveller information

An expert in the field of Traveller Information, Attoma designed and developed a collaborative platform for transportation operators. The platform enables the teams that create and produce the traveller information principles and graphic guidelines to organise and share them amongst themselves.

Thanks to the ID-Codex tool, all internal and external participants can execute faster and improve both the quality and the cohesiveness of the content and medium.

Traveller information is an important strategic component of a transport operator’s service offer. Its purpose is to improve the quality of the services delivered and make it easier for customers to travel by ensuring that the transportation network is clearly understood. But designing and maintaining a traveller information system is a complex process that can be very problematic. In time, each participant’s own production system penalises the system’s overall coherence.

This platform has the capacity to incorporate several tools, most notably a multi-channel graphic production tool for time schedules.