13 09 2016

Messagerie Pro: agile design receives two awards

This project demonstrates that "agile methodology"can be effective over an extended period of time within a large team setting.

In the span of a month, Orange’s Pro Messaging webmail project, which caters to professionals in small businesses, received two prizes: a Bizz award in the “Best Team Project Transformation” category, and a User’s Choice Award given by OBS (Orange Business Service) in the “Transformation and Agility” category.

These two prizes reward each one of the company’s teams (from design to marketing to development and quality assessment) for converting to an agile design process - all crucial to the evolution of a messaging service which serves 3 million users.

“Three years ago we embarked on the project using a collaborative method,” explains Florent Lorthiois, Project Lead and Designer at attoma, “but a year ago, we modified our approach in order to be able to switch to an agile process. This method is an iterative design process which integrates feedback cycles from the final user at each stage of development: from conception to production. This required a complete reorganization of our teams and their work methods, but this project is proof of the applicability of agile methodology to a project with such a large scale.”