UX Design at the service of metalworking operators

Attoma guided ArcelorMittal in the redesign of its industrial interfaces and conception of robust product design

ArcelorMittal, a global leader in the steel production and distribution sector, was looking to redesign its trade interfaces, not only to reinforce its global brand identity but also to improve its productivity. Well aware of the advantages of UX and UI design, the company called upon attoma following its successful Wonderware InTouch project with Schneider Electric.

Attoma began the project by observing the operators’ production line work on site, and by conducting interviews with various trade experts in order to identify the most important supervisory and operational tasks.

Next, the agency committed to the design of the human-machine interface guidelines (HMI) by focusing on interaction design, the creation of a hierarchy of alarms, and the information design of the synoptic views. An html model was created in order to allow the ArcelorMittal team to test the implementation of the design principles.

With a complete handover goal in mind, attoma wrote design guidelines that summarizes their recommendations for the design of industrial interfaces and delivered a component library in the form of an html page to the client. ArcelorMittal will thus be able to adopt these best practices in interface design, thereby gaining independence in future endeavors.

Innovation delivered
An html component library to facilitate the adoption of the new design

Key services
information design
interaction design
look & feel
user experience design
user interface design