Banque de Luxembourg

The era of Premium eBanking

attoma assisted the digital teams at Banque de Luxembourg to define and design the new client website

Following the successful launch of their corporate website, Banque de Luxembourg engaged attoma once again, to design the new e-banking website interfaces.

The agency identified the private bank’s premium client requirements to co-develop various screens and the different combinations of these, for multiple user contexts. Based on this, our team defined the robust principles (design system) allowing the elaboration of the final screens.

At the same time, attoma developed an HTML functional prototype which was used for testing as well as an initial technical platform for an interface.

Finally, the agency assisted the digital teams throughout the technical development process.

This projet enabled Banque de Luxembourg to improve the integration of the design process in its overall digital development programme so as to implement client experience quality in an efficient manner.

Innovation delivered
Integrating the customer into the design process

Key services
graphic design
information design
look & feel
user experience design
user interface design