European Commission

Travel Companion, using design to facilitate convergence

Attoma made user experience the common denominator for the many stakeholders and technologies involved in this mobile application project for European travelers

How to bring together multiple partners with different methodologies and terminologies and also to link functional and technical components that had all been developed in diverse contexts? This challenge was met by developing a global and transversal approach focused on both users and uses.

In this way, attoma coordinated and facilitated the work of the 26 other participants of the consortium (large IT firms, public transport companies, universities, research centres etc…) to design the Travel Companion application as part of the European Commission-sponsored IT2Rail research project.

Attoma’s vision on UX enabled the creation of a target experience, this via the adoption of a wholly consistent approach. This experience thereafter guided the conceptual work, from both the identification of opportunities and drivers for optimisation within the existing components, to the prioritization of functionalities to be developed based on travelers’ needs and constraints. The goal: provide travelers with a smooth and seamless end-to-end experience.

Key services
art direction
customer journey mapping
graphic design
information design
interaction design
look & feel
service design
usage scenarios
user experience design
user interface design