Grand Lyon

Onlymoov’: the Grand Lyon platform that centralises all mobility data for the entire catchment area.

Centralised mobility data that reduces congestion within the roads network and facilitates the lives of its users

A recurring problem in large cities, urban traffic congestion slows down mobility and has a negative impact on the environment, the local economy and the quality of life of its citizens. As part of the Optimod’Lyon Project, the Grand Lyon worked with several public, private and academic partners to collect and treat mobility data across the entire catchment area with the objective to create innovative services that will facilitate city travel.

Within this framework, and alongside Carte Blanche Conseil, a consulting firm, Attoma designed the Onlymoov’ Service, which centralises the following mobility data: itineraries, traffic information and alerts, travel times, current roadworks, air quality, and weather conditions... The agency defined the name and graphic identity of the centralised mobility service, and the operational communications strategy that supports it.

The project’s cornerstone, the Onlymoov' website, provides multi-modal information to make it easier for travellers to get around. This includes real time automobile traffic conditions, traffic alert services, the location of disturbances or traffic blocks via GPS and the location via GPS of public transportation stations and self-service bicycles, parking availability, cycle routes, etc.

The finalised version of the site, which integrates the multi-modal itinerary calculator, will go live online in the second half of 2014.

Innovation delivered
A collaborative services design approach to ensure the overall quality of the user experience

Key services
co-design workshops
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information design
interaction design
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