Business Lounge: a new client experience for Orange's relational application that targets professionals

A client experience that re-focuses on uses and unified content

A free-of-charge, multi-platform application developed by Orange for its professional clients, Business Lounge is a relational tool that promises to accompany professionals in the daily use of their cell phones. It contains information about mobility, the business and telecommunications companies, as well as advice about using the cell phone and Orange's commercial offers.

The main stake in developing the new version of the Business Lounge application was to improve the overall quality of the client experience to reinforce the added value of professional, fixed-price contracts (as compared to the general public version of this type of application - Orange and Me).

Using an editorial focus, and via several different levers, Attoma and Orange helped the application evolve toward one that accompanies the client. The different levers included: a reinforcement of the application's utility dimension; an emphasis on assistance functions and consumer follow-up, a unification of the contents and experience across the different platforms (cell phones, tablets, etc.); and the definition of an applicable, graphic concept that enables creating a first-rate, coherent brand experience.

The new version of the Orange Business Lounge application, designed and developed in less than a year, was deployed simultaneously on iOS, Android and Windows in both cell phone and tablet fomats. Benefitting from a simplified user experience, it now allows Orange's professional clients to benefit from quick access to customer follow-ups and to immediate, free-of-charge assistance functions, to have access to all professional advantages (Cinéday, smart deals...), to keep abreast of the latest mobile news, to discover tips about how to use their mobile devices and to find applications that are the best adapted to their professional use.

Label of the ACPI Design Observer

Innovation delivered
A simplified client experience and a reinforced brand image

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graphic design
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