Dynamo: designing an interactive museum experience

An interactive museum experience that enhances a visitor's museum tour and emphasises "contact free" use of mobile devices like NFC

The Dynamo Exhibit at the Grand Palais (April 10th 2013 - July 22nd 2013) demonstrated how numerous artists treated notions of vision, space, light and movement in their works.

For this event, Orange - a partner of the Association of National Museums - wanted to rethink the visitor experience and enable visitors to become stakeholders and contributors to the exhibit, thanks to NFC technology.

To this end, and throughout the duration of this interactive experience, Attoma helped Orange define and shape the visitor's museum tour. Working together with Orange and the ANM, they were able to improve this experience based on the constraints and priorities of the actors involved. Ultimately, the agency defined and specified the concept of an image wall that was visible at the end of the visit. This 6m x 3m wall randomly depicted in real time different visitor contributions (photos, comments, messages...), exhibit statistics (number of visitors, contributions, etc...) and Twitter feeds associated with the hashtag #dynamo.

Innovation delivered
An overall enhanced visitor experience that is coherent with the exhibit's theme and Orange's technological stakes

Key services
co-design workshops
customer journey mapping
look & feel
specifications / guidelines
usage scenarios