Messagerie Pro: Orange’s webmail application for its professional clients

This messaging system, designed to respond to professional users’ demands, is accessible via mobile, tablet, and computer.

Orange was seeking to provide their professional clients with a streamlined experience by creating a messaging service designed for desktop access as well as mobile access via tablet or (smart)phone. Attoma, known for its expertise in the UX domain, was hired to improve the Orange customer’s experience across multiple devices.

Through close collaboration with Orange’s Design and User Experience team, (D&U) attoma set up an agile design process. Every month, attoma co-creates user journeys, constantly upgrading existing functions or introducing new ones within the application.

The agency also redefined the application’s function parameters, revised its information architecture and proposed a user experience that is adapted to each device.

The look & feel of the interface was also revised to meet user expectations.

The new pro messaging service allows professionals to have access to all of their e-mails, address books, calendars, faxes, and text messages on all of their screens, whether mobile or desktop.

Currently, more than 3 million professionals use Orange’s pro messaging service.

Key services
information architecture
co-design workshops
brand experience
application design
information design
interaction design
look & feel
user experience design
user interface design