User interfaces for the Citypal roadside parking meters

Positioning Parkeon as a sustainable player in the mobility field by proposing a new experience of "service-oriented" parking meters

World leader in the parking meter industry, Parkeon launched an intelligent parking solution that offers users, local communities and operators a range of advanced services: non-cash payment, interconnection with alternatives to the cars, touchscreens, remote-controlled terminals....

Parkeon asked Attoma to design the user interface of this new generation of Citypal parking meters. The agency combined the functional operations and information together in a coherent and legible form, thereby enabling optimum user experience in a very limited usage context. The Human/Machine dialogue, based on simple, intuitive language, is capable of sustaining a large number of functional cases and their evolutions, thereby enabling Parkeon to respond to its clients’ many different business needs.

The interface design process included user tests in France, the United States and the Netherlands.

Innovation delivered
To anticipate the parking and mobility services of tomorrow and ensure a quality user experience within a limited display space

Key services
information design
interaction design
look & feel
specifications / guidelines
user experience design