Groupe Ponticelli Frères

UX at the heart of the engineering software module redesign

Attoma has assisted the French Group Ponticelli Frères in the modernization of its production monitoring tool, to improve both industrial performance and employee confort

A leading player in mechanics and services to industry, the French group Ponticelli Frères sought attoma’s assistance to rethink its industrial piping production management and assembly interface called PERF.

Developed in-house in 2007, the tool used by some 300 people in France and abroad, was showing signs of age in terms of design and functionality. “Primarily, the need to improve the ergonomics of the software brought us to work with attoma,” explains Arnaud Jurain, Project Engineer in charge of redesigning PERF.

The aim of this assignment? Align the interface with the current requirements of a company in a process of diversification and innovation, adding additional functionalities such as performance measurement; taking into consideration the digitalization of numerous operations in the future, whilst creating a more fluid task-oriented experience adapted to different user profiles.

To understand the business processes and to identify the successes and failures of PERF, first of all, the agency carried out some ground work by conducting interviews with several experts in the field, and by visiting 4 sites representative of all of the different stages of the activity. attoma also organised some co-conception graphic and functionality workshops at the group’s head office to define the new main desktop and tablet screen-layouts for preparation, quality management, form completion, document management and dashboards for monitoring. “It was the first time that colleagues performing the same functions, but on different projects, met in a single location to discuss the same subject,” notes Arnaud Jurain. This phase enabled the agency to develop clickable prototypes for the Ponticelli team.

The new PERF 2 tool “is much easier to use, thus creating time savings and increased direct productivity,” says the engineer. Thanks to the commitment and the energy of attoma, this project has also clearly demonstrated the group’s change management in action.

Key services
co-design workshops
focus group / interviews
interaction design
look & feel
user experience design
user interface design