Quechua Tracking: Quechua’s hiking companion application

A new customer experience focused on hikers’ actual practices, custom designed for mobile use in high altitudes.

Having created and developed a mobile hiking companion application, Quechua wanted to evaluate their end users’ overall experience, as well as their understanding and use of the app. The primary concern, given the “extreme” usage of the application in high altitudes, was to evaluate which of its functions were considered the most relevant through usability testing in the context of high altitude hiking.

To meet Quechua’s needs, attoma conducted qualitative user research in the field through conducting:

-an audit of the beta version of the application

-12 individual usability tests paired with 90-minute hikes with the 12 users

-2 immersion group hikes lasting 4 to 5 hours

Attoma was thus able to evaluate the user experience of the beta version of the application in the field by identifying a variety of targets, with a view to making strategic recommendations for the evolution of the application prior to its launch. By simultaneously conducting application tests in actual high-altitude user settings attoma was able to provide precise and immediately operative UX recommendations in order to deliver an operational, technological, and customized action plan.

Key services
application design
focus group / interviews
usability testing
usage scenarios
user experience design
user interface design