Weasy: Improving both salespeople day-to-day life and customer relationship through service design

By handling sales and industrial processes as a service, attoma has aligned professional, organizational, business and technological perspectives and facilitated adoption

Improving customer experience means first taking care of employee experience. As part of the overhaul of its supply chain, Saint Gobain’ division Business Glass Europe, specializing in the transformation and distribution of glass solutions for the building industry, called on attoma to equip its sales administrators with a new ordering tool, Weasy.

As successor of a wide variety of print and digital tools, this unique digital tool helps salespeople to structure their work and support decision making, while eliminating tasks without added value and freeing time for customer support. In addition, Weasy ensures an integrated, seamless experience from order through delivery, saving time and increasing productivity.

This project was all the more complex as it covered 17 European countries and just as many work practices and organizations, cultures and markets, mobilized 5 IT teams, comprised 3 technical systems and raised numerous challenges on the professional, organizational and business levels (pricing, standardization, delivery, etc.).

To meet this challenge, attoma approached B2B sales and industrial processes as a set of experiences and adopted an ad hoc approach largely inspired by the methodology of service design: field immersion and user study (10 site visits spread over 4 countries, more than 50 interviews), co-design workshops, user tests and workshops to support implementation.

Key services
co-design workshops
information architecture
information design
interaction design
road map & action plan
service design
usability testing
usage scenarios
user experience design
user interface design