Schneider Electric

TouchPro: a control system for an intelligent home and office environment

Attoma relied on its user experience analysis to design a tiny but intuitive interface.

Schneider Electric, an expert in energy management and automation, is developing a new technology called KNX that will complement its line of products aimed to improve building automation. This technological leap allows Schneider Electric to transform its classic control systems into smart tactile interfaces. Attoma was called upon to oversee the design of this new generation of control systems.

Attoma organized collaborative workshops engaging the project team from Schneider in order to define the service they wished to provide and to identify the most important user journeys. Three primary user contexts were identified: private residences, commercial premises, and hotel complexes.

We then involved the client in our UX design process through iterative loops, (the “fail fast, fail often” approach) and shared the results of user tests carried out on clickable prototypes (using InVision software).

One of the challenges of this project was to integrate a large number of functions (lighting, thermostat…) into a very small interface (5cm by 5cm). In order to address these specifications, we practiced information architecture, interaction design, and UI design based on regularly scheduled tests in order to propose the most intuitive and pleasant navigation experience.

Ultimately, we defined a model that is both adaptable and robust, and fully consistent with Schneider Electric’s long-term application ecosystem strategy (across smartphones and tablets).

Key services
art direction
brand experience
co-design workshops
focus group / interviews
information architecture
information design
interaction design
look & feel
usage scenarios
user experience design
user interface design