Creation of a customer experience guide for Transilien

Attoma analyzed and compared experiences in 6 urban areas of mobility to identify best practices and to co-create a customer experience guide.

SNCF Transilien is constantly looking to adapt and take its customer relations in a new direction, and to imagine new services in order to improve overall satisfaction. Transilien commissioned attoma to conduct a study on its users’ practices.

A preliminary expert analysis was undertaken by attoma in 6 locations (a museum, an airport, a parking garage, a post office, a shopping center, and a train station) in order to determine travel routes, critical touchpoints and key elements of the experience.

Next, the user’s overall experience was analyzed based on observation and post experience interviews. The objective was to map the experience as well as best practices for each location.

In all, over 12 experiences were mapped and analyzed with regard to the potential of each location. A user’s experience model was custom created for Transilien in order to identify the appropriate requirements and expectations of each journey.

Finally, a series of co-creation workshops were held in order to implement the identified best practices at Transilien, as well as to define the targeted service experience and a lay out the principles of a customer experience guide.

The collaborative efforts of the teams involved allowed everyone to adopt an interdisciplinary vision of the customer’s experience and to let go of the differentiated silo approach.

Innovation delivered
An interdisciplinary outlook on the customer’s experience

Key services
brand experience
customer journey mapping
focus group / interviews
usage scenarios