New Mobilities: free, sustainable and responsible mobilities

An innovative design approach that places the user and his/her uses at the heart of the thought process regarding the future of mobility

Attoma partnered with Chronos, a research firm animated by sociologist Bruno Marzloff, to create designs that focus on new mobilities.

Organised as a “Do Tank” comprised of 5 sessions with experts and stakeholders, this laboratory prides itself on the participation of the SNCF, the UTP (Union of Public and Rail Transport), the MEDDE (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy), and the MACIF, and has the shared ambition to put the user and his/her uses at the heart of “New Mobilities”. From this basis of reasoning, the agency built an innovative design approach which played on several means: the partners’ active involvement; usage observation realised via an original procedure based on cognitive stakes and focusing on a symbolic terrain (the Saclay Plateau); “Agile” design during workshops facilitated by means of information design; and the formalisation of knowledge and uses.

From this approach a 130-page document was produced and distributed internally to partner organisations within the context of their prospective activities.

Innovation delivered
To bring together the Mobility industry’s many players and gather their reflections and exchanges on New Mobilities

Key services
co-design workshops
information design
interaction design