A travel companion for a better transfer experience

Attoma partnered with SNCF (the French National Railway Company) in the creation and prototyping of a multi-platform customer experience in order to improve train transfers and connections on major rail lines in France.

In 2013, TGVLab and Gares&Connexions sought to explore how SNCF customers could access information before and during their travels, in order to facilitate and optimize the transfer experience. It was in this context that TGVLab asked attoma to help them design, develop and test a travel companion tool in the form of a mobile app.

Working closely with the SNCF, we at attoma:
-imagined the prospective user’s steps and journeys through the transfer experience, in order to pinpoint the needs and constraints identified throughout a customer’s train journey
-defined the functional perimeter of the tool proposed to SNCF travelers across different platforms, as well as at information points they may have encountered along their journey
-defined the functionalities of a prototype to develop and the actual data to be integrated
-developed a functional prototype of a tool designed to make transfers easier
-conducted usability testing in the context of actual use (in Paris to Grenoble transfers)

The result, after many hours of train travel and a few Paris-Grenoble return trips, was a collection of helpful and specific insights on the experience of train connections, potential pitfalls, and the importance of developing different strategies to avoid them. These results allowed attoma to expand the UX specifications for the future SNCF mobile app.

Key services
customer journey mapping
focus group / interviews
traveller information systems
usage scenarios
user experience design
user interface design