Passenger information system for Greater Lyon‘s public transportation network

In 2009, the Greater Lyon‘s public transportation network (TCL) faced two major challenges: to introduce new lines offering high-end services, and the obligation to make all passenger information systems compliant in anticipation of 2015. This double challenge was an opportunity for Attoma to offer the network a global approach based on coherency among all graphic and dynamic information systems in order to enhance the offer’s clarity and ease of use.

Attoma‘s mission was to design a specific typeface for the network, and to define all signage pictograms, cartographic elements, and its timetables and maps of Greater Lyon’s public transportation routes.

By developing a global approach, the agency enables TCL to provide passengers with their travel times and a visual image of the network, thereby demonstrating its capacity to explain, convince and reassure.

The project won the IIID Awards 2011 in the “Traffic and Public Transport” category.

Innovation delivered
A global approach based on the coherence of all graphic and dynamic information systems

Key services
customer journey mapping
information design
signage design
traveller information systems