Hypervisor Multitouch: Interactive Touchscreen for Supervision Systems

In the domain of supervision systems, an intuitive and direct means to access information and to manipulate complex data

As part of a research project for its supervision systems, Thales 3S asked Attoma to explore the potential of multipoint touchscreens. This study, which was carried out prior to the product development process, enabled Attoma to design a breakthrough tactile interface.

The touchscreen provides intuitive and direct access to information and makes it possible to manipulate complex data, thereby facilitating learning, and increasing operator efficiency and the efficiency of the overall supervision system. It also helps to clear the work environment because many devices, such as telephones, keyboards and joysticks, can now be replaced by the touchscreen interface. The tactile screen can also be adapted to mobile devices, offering a cross-platform consistency among supervision solutions in the control room and in the field.

This exploration resulted in the realisation of a prototype composed of one tactile and one non-tactile screen, without keyboard or mouse.

The project was awarded one “Star” from the Design Observer for its innovative, user-centric approach.

Innovation delivered
A new breakthrough touchscreen interface, previously unseen in the monitoring industry

Key services
information design
interaction design
look & feel
user experience design