Hypervisor: operator interface for supervision systems

A new generation of intelligent and modular supervision systems

The Hypervisor project gave Thales 3S the opportunity to set up an innovative and unified supervision systems offer: a control system connected to a network of field sensors that transmit real time information about the operating status of a critical system. This technology is used in particular to supervise the transport of goods, people and energy, and even to control the security of sensitive areas. The operator must be able to read and decypher this information without error and react quickly according to predetermined procedures. The interface centralises data from different sources and ensures that their transfer to the user is transparent and coherent.

For this mission, which consisted of both consulting and accompanying the client in the design and creation of Hypervisor, the Human Machine Interface, Attoma conducted observational field work. This preliminary study identified an operational charter outlining the basic principles at work in the interface: functional behaviors, information architecture on the screens, visual formatting. A prototype interface was also created as an interactive demo illustrating a typical system’s use case.


Etoile of the ACPI Design Observer

IIID Awards nomination category “safety & security”

Key services
customer journey mapping
information architecture
look & feel
user experience design