Definition of the offer and design of the interface for the VivaCity multi-platform application

An offer that addresses contemporary urban issues and stakes

Reinforced by its presence in markets like security, supervision, transportation and transactional platforms, Thales wanted to propose solutions for a Smart City - solutions that increased synergies by drawing on the interoperability, connectivity and generalized availability of data.

Attoma accompanied Thales Security and Communication and helped it define its new VivaCity offer through interviews with experts and via collaborative workshops in co-design, building the offer and content design and development. In the end a prototype was developed in the form of a multi-platform (Windows, iOS, Android) and multi-device (PC and tablet) application.

This new offer, which draws on Thales' expertise in security and mobility systems, makes it possible to address the timely, urban issues of today's cities. Organised around five different themes - improving travel and traffic flow, reducing operating costs, planning evolutions within the cityscape, reducing pollution and ensuring security - this offer is based on concrete scenarios like the City Pass or the city's Control Panel, solutions which address the needs of citizens, operators and decision makers.

Innovation delivered
Structuring an innovative service offer by designing a multi-platform interactive demonstrator

Key services
co-design workshops
information design
interaction design
look & feel
service design
user experience design