Quechua | Oxylane

Reviewing a hiking app that meets hikers’ needs

Enedis | Business applications overhaul

Providing field technicians with a digital work environment suited to their needs

Orange | Messagerie Pro

Simplifying professional communication by providing clients with adapted tools

Banque de Luxembourg | EBanking website

Providing a Premium on-line offer

Schneider Electric | Wonderware InTouch

Improving industrial productivity through interface design

Schneider Electric | TouchPro

Transforming a classic control system into a smart tactile interface

SNCF | Successful Connections

Streamlining the transfer process between two trains

Roche | Hacking Health / Thematic Tables

A one day long event of co-design and open innovation in healthcare

SNCF | A customer experience guide

Improving customer satisfaction with Transilien – the Ile-de-France commuter rail network

Ponticelli | Administration software PERF

Rethinking a business tool for tomorrow’s industry

PRE & IAU | Paris Region Map

Highlighting the Ile-de-France region’s assets via digital mapping

Family Movie | Website

Creating user journeys to highlight the brand.