We are an international team of passionate consultants, designers, thinkers and doers


Attoma Group was born in 2014 from the integration of three European companies, specialized in service design and strategic business consultancy. After twenty years of collaboration, the Parisian, Milanese and Berlinese teams have decided to put together their expertise, experience and methods to help companies and organizations face the challenges of complexity in the global world.

Attoma Group is a team of more than 30 design, technology and research professionals who tackle users’ needs and market transformations with an interdisciplinary approach, to translate them into innovative strategies, services and products. To us innovating means to make the best of the current transformation of every-day behaviors and economical models. That’s why we carry out a continuous activity of research and development, to explore the use of products and services in concrete contexts of the new industrial scenarios.

Our mission is to help clients seize chances to innovate: from the identification of opportunities and needs to the choice of tools and pertinent solutions. All along this way, we conduct research, we make models and prototypes, we define guidelines and production specifications, predicting and tuning the user experience and the identity of the service.



Where today stands the Parisian office, the Mongolfier brothers in 1783 got the first hot air balloon to fly. It’s from this event that Attoma draws its idea of innovation connected to real life.




attoma Paris
25, rue Titon
75011 Paris | France


attoma Berlin
Helmholtzstraße 2-9 Aufgang L
10587 Berlin | Deutschland



Giuseppe Attoma

Founder and CEO of the agency, a recognized figure in the field of user experience and service design.

Kai Gehrmann

Managing Partner attoma Berlin, Graduate Designer, active since 1994 in the areas of brand management / corporate identity, typography and development of pictograms.



Attoma is a member of

International Institute for Information Design

International association dedicated to the promotion of information design. Giuseppe Attoma is a member of the Board.

Designers interactifs

French association for the promotion of design as a key asset in the development of the digital economy. Giuseppe Attoma is a board member.


The International Association of Public Transport is a worldwide network that supports a holistic approach to urban mobility and advocates for public transport development and sustainable mobility.

Agence pour la Promotion de la Création Industrielle

French agency dedicated to the promotion of an economic, social and cultural approach of design practices.

Cap Digital

French public agency dedicated to the development of the Innovative Economy in the Île-de-France region.

PM’up winner

PM'up supports companies within the Greater Paris Region, who themselves are the most likely and able to respond to the region's economic development.


Compas / Education, technology, cognition

Researchers in Cognitive Sciences and Think-tank - École Normale Supérieure.


A web development company for creating collaborative maps and adapting contents around maps and high resolution images.


Strategic consulting firm providing assistance with contracting authorities; an independant leader in France for public infrastructure projects.

Jean-Nicod Institute

Cognitive Science Lab of the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) in collaboration with the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS).

Paris Region Lab

Launched as an initiative by the city of Paris and the Ile-de-France, the Lab is designed to organise the experimentation of innovative solutions throughout the Greater Paris Region.