We help businesses grow by translating behavioral insights into meaningful experiences

User research

We pay particular attention to what deeply motivates users and to how they really behave.

We use techniques of ethnographic observation and semiotic analysis to understand users' behaviours and habits, be these via in situ individual interviews, focus groups, user tests or workshops, etc. The insights that stem from these analyses enable us to clarify the needs and strategic objectives of each project, to guide and support the decision-making process, and to mitigate the risks related to innovating services.

Strategy and support

Ad hoc approaches designed and built with and for our clients.

Taking into account their objectives, identity and constraints, we help our clients define and implement strategies for innovative and relevant services. Working closely with all stakeholders, we put together an appropriate operational master plan that includes a competitive analysis, a definition of the user's journey via the different touchpoints, and action plans that make it possible to implement the approved stategies.

Design and development

An interdisciplinary approach to deliver relevant solutions that are, above all, engaged with real life.

We conceive, shape and develop rich, coherent services for all concerned touchpoints, be they digital or physical. Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we are able to ensure the very best integration of all professional stakes, user experiences, brand, content and technical implementation. Our experience in managing complex projects means that we can anticipate the risks and produce specifications that are perfectly aligned with the sought-after objectives.

Methodological model